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Innovative apps for improved safety in private or professionals environments


Cosmo Connected is a French startup specialising in the development of connected objects for the physical safety of motorcyclists. The Cosmo Connected smart helmet accessory is the first wearable brake light connected to a mobile application. The device combines an innovative visual safety feature, an emergency roadside assistance service that calls emergency services with GPS coordinates and medical information in case of accident, and sharing of road trip details with a community.

Cosmo Connected called upon top designers from Elium Studio; a design studio that won around 20 awards at the 2016 CES in Las Vegas. A patent for Cosmo Connected has been filed in 151 countries.

The safety accessory developed by Cosmo Connected, can be used in a variety of different situations: biking, skiing, horseback riding, extreme sports…as well as in the professional world where dangerous situations are commonplace (construction, policing, the handling of heavy equipment, deliveries, etc.). Lighting options are customisable according to each particular use: blinking mode, for example, will allow cyclists to be more visible on the roads and skiers to be detected on the slopes during bad weather. New applications of its technology on other vehicles and for other uses will soon be unveiled by Cosmo Connected.

The first connected brake light for motorcycle riders

Cosmo emits a red signal at eye-level to the driver of the car behind the biker as he slows down.

Rescue-call to the nearest emergency service within 3 minutes with GPS coordinates and medical profile.

If the device detects an accident, the driver’s GPS coordinates and medical profile  are sent to the emergency roadside assistance service.

Constant or flashing red light at eye level for added vibility and safety.

The biker can decide to share his road trips in real time with loved one in order to reassure them.

Friends and family are notified of an accident by the roadside assistance service.

A team of experienced entrepreneurs emanating from the insurance sector and digital world and retail distribution


Romain Afflelou


Romain spearheaded the digital strategy of Alain Afflelou Group before becoming an investor in numerous start-ups. He uses his fine-tuned analysis skills to support and invest in innovative start-ups. In addition to being a major shareholder and Chairman of Cosmo Connected, Romain is Director and Board member of Multiwave Technologies, and investor in Convargo, Cityscoot, Sharpr, Officeriders, Epicery, Klassroom…


Frédéric Metge


As an entrepreneur, Frédéric has invested into and managed a number of retail distribution entities large international groups. Lately, Frédéric has spécialized in private equity buildups or startups in the retail distribution sector as CEO and investor.


Laurent de Bernede


An entrepreneur at heart, Laurent has over 15 years of experience in bringing digital products to market for start-ups and large corporations. Prior to joining Cosmo Connected, Laurent co-founded Credit.fr, one of the fastest growing small business loan marketplaces in France.


Pauline Conan

Marketing Project Manager

Project Manager in business development and event marketing. Love geek things and work in a creative environment. Forever Yer!