Cosmo Connected

World’s first connected brake light for motorcycle riders

Be seen, be heard, be safe

Cosmo emits a red signal at eye-level to the driver of the car behind the biker as he slows down.

Rescue-call to the nearest emergency service within 3 minutes with GPS coordinates and medical profile.


Constant or flashing red light at eye level for added visibility and safety.

Weighing 150g, and attached with magnets, Cosmo Connected is detachable for your comfort and your safety.

Sleek design

Brake light, warning, rescue call…

An app that can save your life

Tracking, accident detection, notification of loved ones and rescue-call in case of an accident

  • A mobile app for your safety
  • Manage your device, your emergency contacts and your medical profile on your smartphone. Use the App to set your Cosmo device to flashing warning mode to signal a particular danger when stopped on the side of the road. Add contacts names from your phone directory to your emergency contact list that will be notified in case an accident is detected. Add important information to your medical profile so that the rescue team is aware of your particular condition upon arrival at the accident scene.
  • Emergency roadside assistance for riders
  • Cosmo connected is paired with your smartphone to detect and signal an accident to the App, which instantly alerts an emergency roadside assistance service. Operators in charge of emergency calls verify the information transmitted by the App and try to reach you to check on your status. If you do not respond within 3 minutes, your GPS coordinates and medical profile are sent to the nearest rescue team.
  • Share your road trips with loved ones
  • You can share your road trips with friends and family who will be notified of your departure and arrival at desitnation.