About the Cosmo Connected company

A team of entrepreneurs coming from Digital and Retail

Cosmo Connected is a French start-up specialized in IoT for the physical security of people on the move. The Cosmo Connected Helmet Accessory is the first removable helmet brake light associated with a connected app. The device combines unprecedented visual safety, emergency call with helpdesks and relatives in case of accident and transmission of GPS coordinates.

The Cosmo Connected design is signed by Elium Studio, an award-winning agency at CES Las Vegas 2016. The patent for the Cosmo Connected helmet backlight has been filed in 151 countries.

Cosmo Connected is a technology designed for all mobilities: motorcycle, but also bike, ski, horse riding, extreme sports ... Not to mention the professional world where dangerous situations are common: construction, police, DDE, deliveries, etc. Different ignition options are possible for each type of use: for example, the flashing mode will allow cyclists to be more visible on the roads and skiers to be more visible on the slopes in case of bad weather. In these different areas, new adaptations of Cosmo Connected technology will soon be unveiled.