Company offer

Equip your employees for their safety on their bikes and scooters

Your employees are already returning to work or preparing to do so. Driven by the end of the lockdown and its limitation, the “soft” and individual mobilities are in great demand. They offer to the staff a safe and non-polluting alternative to public transport or the private car.

Promote this movement among your employees

Equip them or help them to equip themselves with the best solutions to reinforce their safety during their journeys with our special company offer:

  • Only the Cosmo Ride : the essential connected light for riding while being seen
  • The Cosmo Ride with the Cosmo Urban helmet : the complete and individual protection
  • The Cosmo Urban helmet with two Cosmo Ride, one for the helmet and one for the seat post : the complete solution with full equipment

Bicycles, scooters or micro-mobilities, there are the new car of tomorrow!

Urban redevelopment and the creation of bicycle paths make it easier for our employees to get around and respect physical distancing measures.

Cosmo Connected is an innovative company in the safety field for cyclists and scooter riders, but also for motorcyclists and scooter riders.
Very committed to promoting new modes of urban transport, we wish to contribute to the initiatives currently being carried out in cities in favour of soft mobility.

With our Cosmo Ride & Helmet packs, you are choosing the best solutions for your employees’ protection

So do not wait: equip them to drive safely!

The connected light Cosmo Ride

The Cosmo Urban helmet

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