CES 2020


Main features:
- Vehicle detection sensor: to warn cyclists of potential hazards approaching from the sides;
- Instant turn signal display: to indicate turns without letting go of the handlebars;
- Performance analysis: time, speed, distance, calories burned, etc.;
- GPS display indicating direction right on the lens of the glasses, to help cyclists remain focused on the road


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Paris, January 3, 2020 – For the fourth straight year, Cosmo Connected is taking part in CES in Las Vegas to present its latest innovations. At CES 2020, the start-up specialized in connected safety products will be unveiling its most recent solution: a connected screen designed for cyclists, who can now enjoy instant access to information without having to take their eyes off the road.


Connected glasses for safer cycling


Cyclists will be able to see data such as speed, distance traveled, and even directions, all while remaining focused on the road. The device also ensures safe cycling by warning users of potential hazards approaching from the sides or drawing up from behind. This data will be projected directly in their field of vision thanks to a color screen displayed on the lens of the glasses.



“We are very proud to be attending CES in Las Vegas for the fourth consecutive year,” said Romain Afflelou, CEO of Cosmo Connected. “Our presence here is a strong symbol of our innovative drive to enrich our range of connected products. The launch of our new connected glasses is the fruit of tireless work by our R&D teams, who harness technology to enhance safety.”


Connected helmets featuring head-up display for complete safety


Cosmo Connected is also presenting its new line of connected helmets with built-in brake light.
Building on the success of Cosmo Ride - the ultra-bright LED brake light - the start-up is extending the product line by incorporating its technology into a helmet designed to offer cyclists enhanced safety on the road. Like Cosmo Ride, this new helmet detects the user’s movements to alert vehicles when the bike decelerates. The helmet comes with a compact remote control which, mounted on the bike, lets cyclists activate turn signals without letting go of the handlebars.
These new helmets include a visor complete with head-up display, designed with the same features as the connected glasses.


Several lighting options are available:

  • Turn signals activated from the remote control mounted on the handlebars
  • Brake light to alert vehicles should the bike decelerate
  • Position light to ensure visibility under any circumstances
  • Warning light to indicate danger on the road


Fall detector and automatic alerts sent to friends and family
The connected helmet features fall detection technology to alert friends and family within three minutes in the event of an accident. Linked to a mobile app, it incorporates a real-time tracking system for easy geolocation of users should the need arise.


A new version of the Cosmo Moto with built-in turn signals


Cosmo Connected’s R&D teams have developed a new version of the connected brake light specifically designed for motorcyclists, featuring turn signals and enhanced visibility day and night.
This new model incorporates the technology created by Cosmo Connected and already patented in 151 countries: ultra-bright lights (LEDs developed for the automotive sector, fall detection, Bluetooth-based connection, etc.).


International expansion in US and Asia

As part of the co-acceleration program led by Allianz, Cosmo Connected is joining forces with Toyota Tsusho to expand distribution in Asia. Toyota Tsusho aims to promote use of safety devices among motorcyclists and micromobility users in the region.

Cosmo Connected has also signed a partnership in the United States with Ubers Eats to promote safety among partner couriers and equip delivery personnel operating in the 5 largest American cities (NYC, LA, SF, Chicago and Miami): CosmoUberUS
Cosmo Connected also plans to set up in ten new countries internationally during the course of the year.

Find Cosmo Connected at CES from January 7 to 10, 2020
Hall A-D Booth 44340

About Cosmo Connected
Founded in 2015 by Romain Afflelou and Frédéric Metge, the startup Cosmo Connected was born from a simple observation: half of accidents between cars and two wheels are due to negligence on the part of the car driver. Cosmo Connected develops a technology that adapts to all forms of mobility (motorcycle, scooter, bike, scooter, gyro ...) and aims to equip and secure each user in his professional and personal travel. Leader in connected security and partner of the biggest players in micro mobility (manufacturers, insurers, free float operators, Cosmo Connected technology is patented in 151 countries.

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