Cosmo Vision

Your information displayed in real time

Cosmo Vision

Gesture sensor

Scroll your screens and data with a simple movement of your hand in front of the sensor above the left lens

ActiveLook® Technology

With non-obtrusive See-Through technology from ActiveLook®, your data is displayed on your right lens in augmented reality without affecting your field of vision

Smart Lenses

Thanks to the combination of photochromic lenses and the light sensor, you can maintain an optimal display and perfect readability in all conditions


Follow the navigation instructions to reach your destination without taking your eyes off the road


Display your most important data so you can improve your sports performance tenfold

Light modes

See the status of your Cosmo Ride directly in your glasses: turn signal, position light... without having to look at your remote control


With a simple movement of the hand, scroll your data in your glasses

Optimal comfort in all conditions

Waterproof (IP54)

Dust and water resistant


Adjustable nose pads & temples for all morphologies

Vented lenses

The space between the lens and the frame optimizes the flow of air to prevent fogging

Brightness sensor

Integrated brightness sensor to visualize your data in any light conditions

Photochromic lenses

Automatically adapt to the ambient light (cat 1-3)

Ultra light (40g)

Optimal comfort in daily life


Mobile app

Control your Cosmo Ride with your fingertips

Set up your Cosmo Vision connected glasses to see your favourite screens. Find GPS navigation*, journey time or your average speed, the choice is yours!

mobile app

*Free service for two years, then subject to additional charges


The whole range

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Cosmo Ride avec clignotant
cosmo ride avec attaches
Cosmo Ride
Cosmo Ride sur tige de selle

Cosmo Ride

Product details

Connected rear light for bike and scooter

Illustration Cosmo Urban blanc

Cosmo Urban

Product details
€75 €99

Connected urban helmet with backlight for bike and scooter

Illustration Sac à dos Desley vert Army équipé d'une lumière connectée Cosmo Connected - Vert army
Illustration 2 Sac à dos Desley vert Army équipé d'une lumière connectée Cosmo Connected - Vert army
Illustration 3 Sac à dos Desley vert Army équipé d'une lumière connectée Cosmo Connected - Vert army
Illustration 4 Sac à dos Desley vert Army équipé d'une lumière connectée Cosmo Connected - Vert army

Connected Securain

Product details
€100 €179

Waterproof backpack with connected lighting for city commuters

road black
Illustration casque avec éclairage connecté Cosmo Road : Kit éclairage

Cosmo Road

Product details
€75 €119

Connected vented helmet with backlight for bike and scooter

vision smart glasses

Technical description

Designed to meet all your needs


Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy



Charging time


Charging port

Micro-USB Cable





Image projection

Right lense


Photochromic (Cat 1-3) - Blue mirror


Base 8




2 years
cosmo vision
cosmo vision
Description and parameters

Technical features

Photochromic Lenses NXT Cat 1-3
Coating and treatment: Interior: yellow, exterior: blue MLV
Construction: Base 8
ActiveLook See-through Technology
Projection: straight lens
Battery: 12 hours
Micro-USB charging port
Manual or automatic brightness adjustment
ON/OFF: capacitive button
User interface: gesture sensor
Certification: CE
Warranty: 2 years



Available for iOS (iOS 11 and higher) and Android (8 and higher)
Minimum phone compatibility: GSM SIM card + GPS + Bluetooth Low Energy
Cannot be installed from a computer

Mobile application

The Cosmo Connected application allows you to:

  • Pair your Cosmo Vision
  • Configure and update your Cosmo Vision
  • Customize your screens and display data
  • Display your data in your glasses when you start a journey in the app
  • Track your statistics
  • Share your rides with up to 3 contacts

Box content

Cosmo Vision smartglasses
Soft pouch
Cleaning kit
Micro USB cable
User's guide