Cosmo Moto + base magnétique

Visibility X Light

Visible at motorists' eye level

Powerful: Visible during the day and at night

Light settings

Brake light sensitivity adjustment

8-hr battery

Cosmo Moto

Adapts to your use

Designed to adapt to the way you use it, Cosmo Moto turns on, turns off and can be handled even with gloves.


On and off in an instant thanks to the magnetic base


Adapts to most motorcycle and scooter helmets

Fichier 62

Position light

Allows you to be seen by others on the road at all times and in any circumstance right at eye level

Fichier 60

Brake light

They warn people when you’re slowing down

Fichier 60

Warning light

They prevent danger on the road

Detachable Cosmo Moto
Lights Cosmo Moto

Mobile app

Control your Cosmo with your fingertips

Change the settings and control your Cosmo products with our app. Share your routes and have your friends and family notified if you have an accident along the way.

Cosmo Connected app

Reassure your friends and family when you’re on the road

Alerts friends and family and shares rides in real time

Guardians angel

Automatic fall alerts allow you to send a warning text message via the app to your guardian angels if it detects a fall during your route

Ride share

Journey sharing allows you to send a text message via the app to your guardian angels to share your route in real time

The whole range

Take a look at all our accessories

base magnétique Cosmo moto - noir mat

Magnetic base kit

Product details

The magnetic base is the mechanism that attaches to the back of your motorcycle helmet where you can attach your Cosmo Moto. A kit with 2 additional magnetic bases so you can it with several different helmets, yours or your passengers.

Cosmo Moto Night

Technical description

Designed to meet your needs


Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy


8 hrs

Charging time

2 hrs 40 min

Charging port

Micro-USB cable






2 years

Conditions of use

0° - 45°C
Cosmo Moto Black brilliant
Cosmo Moto white
Description and parameters

Different lighting modes: Automatic brake light / Position light / Warning light

Adapts to your use: A magnetic base is provided so it can be easily attached without any tools to most motorcycle and scooter helmets on the market

Autonomy: 8 hours with a rechargeable battery 

Warn your friends and family or even the emergency services: Create emergency contacts (up to 3 guardian angels) to follow your routes and/or be notified if you fall

Fall detector: fall detection built right into the Cosmo Moto

Supplementary insurance:  Cosmo Motor Allianz Assistance (optional)

Technical description 

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

Battery: 8 hrs

Charging time: 2 hrs 40 min.

Charging port:  Micro-USB cable 

Technology: Accelerometer-Gyrometer 

Certification: CE

Warranty: 2 years

Conditions of use: 0° - 45°C


Pack content

1 Cosmo Moto
1 Magnetic base
1 Micro-USB cable
Starter guide & Warrant
70% Isopropyl alcohol wipe to clean your helmet