Visibility X Light

Visible at all times, during the day and at night

Light : 80 lumens

Light Settings

Light Sensor

8 hour battery autonomy

Cosmo Ride

Adapted to all your needs

Whether on a bike or an electric scooter, with or without a helmet, put it wherever you want:

Attaches to all helmets

Attaches to all types of urban and vented helmets

Attaches to bike seat

Attaches to bike seat posts 

Attaches to our Securain

Attaches to our Securain connected bag with the built-in attachment

Connected bike light with turn signals
Connected brake light for cycling

Visibility x Safety

The safest route with Cosmo Ride

Change the settings and control your Cosmo products with our app. Share your routes and have your friends and family notified if you have an accident along the way.

Turn Signals

They warn people you’re changing direction

Position Light

Allows you to be seen by others on the road at all times and in any circumstance right at eye level

Brake Light

They warn people when you’re slowing down

Warning Light

They prevent danger on the road

Simplicity X Practicalness

No more raising your arms to indicate your direction

When positioned on the handlebars, the remote control allows you to control up to 2 Cosmo Ride during your ride to indicate any changes in direction to other users or to select your light mode.

Fixed to all handlebars

Remote control for bike smart light
Turn signals for bikes

Mobile app

Control your Cosmo Ride with your fingertips

Change the settings and control your Cosmo products with our app. Share your rides and have your friends and family notified if you have an accident along the way.

Mobile App for urban cyclists

The whole range

Use our helmets for more safety

Illustration Cosmo Urban blanc

Cosmo Urban

Product details
€75 €99

Connected urban helmet with backlight for bike and scooter

road black
Illustration casque avec éclairage connecté Cosmo Road : Kit éclairage

Cosmo Road

Product details
€75 €119

Connected vented helmet with backlight for bike and scooter

Urban helmet

Technical Description

Designed to meet your needs


Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy


8 hrs

Charging time

2 hrs 40 min

Charging port

Micro-USB cable



Light intensity

96 LEDs




2 years

Conditions of use

0° - 45°C
brake light

Powerful connected lighting: 80 lumens
Different lighting modes: Left and right turn signals / Position light / Warning light / Automatic brake light
Light sensor: effective during the day and at night
Adapts to your use: An adhesive base and attachments are provided so it can be easily attached without any tools to most helmets on the market
Autonomy: 8 hours with a rechargeable battery 
Warn your friends and family or even the emergency services: Create emergency contacts (up to 3 guardian angels) to follow your routes and/or be notified if you fall
Fall detector: fall detection built right into the Cosmo Ride
Services available: Free mobile app for iOS & Android
Remote control: Rechargeable CR2032 battery (Li-MnO2)
Watertightness: Ultrasound welded. USB sport port with earplugs


•Cosmo Ride + Remote control
•1 Oblong attachment piece with adhesive
•2 short + 1 long elastic straps
•Micro-USB cable
•User’s guide and warranty leaflet
•70% Isopropyl alcohol wipe


•Turn signals (control by application, GPS, or remote control)
•Brake light (only for lights positioned on seat tube)
•Warning light
•Position light (continuous ignition of intermediate intensity)
•Fall detection and alert of family and friends
•Switching ON: Touch control

•Switching OFF: Touch control, via remote control or application
•Brightness sensor (adapts to the luminosity)




•CE Conformity 
•FCC Declaration of conformity 
•International Protection Marking: IPX4