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Cosmo Ride, a connected brake light for bicycle and urban mobility


Lights up when the cyclist decelerates

Brake light

Indicates when the cyclist turns left or right

Turn signals

Continuous light

Warning mode

Visible at any time and under any circumstances

Indicates the deceleration and allow to be seen at eye level by other vehicles

Indicates in case of danger on the road

Indicates when cyclists turn right or left


Adapts to any type of helmet

Can be fixed on the bike saddle

Adapts to your uses

Cosmo Bike can adapt to any type of bike helmet and scooter helmet. Can also be fixed on the bike saddle.


Journey sharing

Fall detector

Alerts friends or family in case of emergency via SMS or email

Emergency contacts

Drive your Cosmo

Thanks to geolocation, you can share your journey with your friends and family. Alerts up to 3 contacts already registered in 3 minutes in case of accident.

App Store
Google Play
Blue tooth

Enjoy all the functionalities of your Cosmo by downloading the app available on the stores.

Remote control

Can be fixed on the handlebar

No need to raise your arm anymore to indicate your direction

The remote control on the handlebar will allow you to show to the motorists the direction you are going to take.


•900mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (built to last 8 hours, may vary depending on the use)
•Max voltage: 4,2V
•Cut-off voltage: 3,5V
•50% battery capacity voltage: 3,77V
•Charging time: 2h40
•48 red micro LEDs and 48 orange micro LEDS
•Charging by micro-USB cable (included)
•USB Micro-B port
•Bluetooth Low Energy module 4.0
•3-axis accelerometer (speed variation detection)
•3-axis gyrometer (angle velocity measurement)
•Bluetooth Low Energy remote control (powered by a CR2032 battery)


•2 lengths of elastic straps to adapt the Cosmo Ride to most commercially available helmets and attach the remote control to the handlebars.
•1 oblong attachment + very high performance, waterproof double-sided adhesive to stick to the helmet.


•Engineering quality PMMA used for an ideal lights cattering
•Engineering quality ABS casing (UV resistant, fire resistant and impact resistant)
•Dimension: 96 x 36 x 28,3 mm
•Weight: 50g (Cosmo Ride only)


•Cosmo Ride + Remote control
•1 Oblong attachment piece with adhesive
•2 short + 1 long elastic straps
•Micro-USB cable
•User’s guide and warranty leaflet
•70% Isopropyl alcohol wipe


•Turn signals (control by application, GPS, or remote control)
•Brake light (only for lights positioned on seat tube)
•Warning light
•Position light (continuous ignition of intermediate intensity)
•Fall detection and alert of family and friends
•Switching ON: Touch control

•Switching OFF: Touch control, via remote control or application
•Brightness sensor (adapts to the luminosity)




•CE Conformity (in progress)
•FCC Declarationof conformity (in progress)
•International Protection Marking: IPX4 (in progress)

Guide utilisateur