Road with lights
Cosmo moto by night
city lights
Cosmo ride turning lights
Cosmo Urban
Cosmo urban helmet white

Foster responsible urban mobility. Get around more easily in an urban environment, peacefully, cleaner and in complete safety.

group with cosmo helmets

Visibility x safety

The safest route with Cosmo Connected

Turn signals

They warn people you’re changing direction

Position light

Allows you to be seen by others on the road at all times and in any circumstance right at eye level

Brake light

They warn people when you’re slowing down

Warning light

They prevent danger on the road

Mobile application

A mobility assistant for urban commuters

Manage your Cosmos, enhance your rides and get around safely with the Cosmo Connected app.

Journey sharing
mobile app : geolocalisation
mobile apps : stats
mobile app : geolocalisation
cosmo ride turning lights
remote control cosmo ride


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