Solutions for all mobilities

Cosmo Connected adapts to all mobility on the road.

The Cosmo Moto more adapted to Motorcycles 

The Cosmo Ride for all micro-mobilities such as bicycles and scooters.



Cosmo Smartglasses by Cosmo Connected

At the CES on January 2020, Cosmo Connected presented its smartglasses! Those glasses created for cyclists have a head-up display for a better safety on the road.

Cosmo Ride by Cosmo Connected

Cosmo Connected launches Cosmo Ride, a connected light for cyclists and all mobility riders. It integrates turn signals, position light and  warning light. 
Cosmo Ride also allows to alert 3 contacts in case of accident thanks to its fall detector.


Cosmo Connected x Uber Eats

Cosmo Connected and Uber Eats Us have become partners for the safety of delivery partners.

We have organized events in 5 cities in the US to equip delivery partners of Cosmo Ride in order to be more visible and safer on the road. 


Cosmo Ride - How does it work?

Solutions for all mobilities

Cosmo Connected is specialized in connected objects related to security and mobility.

Our goal is to become a reference in connected security and our technology is adapted to all forms of mobility.



Ride In Paris by Cosmo Connected

The whole Cosmo team makes you travel through Paris.

Because Paris view by motorbike is magical, we share with you these images!


Cosmo Bike

Because riding a bike, scooter or gyropode must be a pleasure, we thought of an innovation that allows you to be visible on roads and keeps you safe.

Discover in this film the Cosmo Bike on situation.

The smart light for bike.


Cosmo Bike provide Uber Eats

Cosmo Connected and Uber Eats create a partnership for the security of partner couriers.

Just as for Uber Eats, security is the priority of Cosmo Connected.


Roadside Assistance

Subscribe to the Roadside Assistance and benefit from the intervention of emergency services in less than 3 minutes, in case of an accident!