Electric scooter accidents show how important it is to wear a helmet. And, if it's a bright helmet, it's even better! Ride safely with Cosmo Connected scooter helmets that provide maximum protection and visibility.

Is it mandatory to wear a scooter helmet?

If the answer was up to us, we would say YES. But unfortunately, the legislation that governs the driving of scooters, both freestyle and electric, is still in its infancy. Therefore, wearing a scooter helmet is not mandatory - yet. Current legislation treats scooters as bicycles. Helmets are mandatory for children up to 12 years old (passengers as well as drivers), and are strongly recommended after this age.
If the framework is still unclear, you should know that the driving of electric scooters is in practice reserved for over 12 years. Hence the absence of the obligation to wear a helmet. And, as it is forbidden to ride several on a scooter, the transport of a passenger of less than 12 years is (in theory) prohibited. Electric scooters are increasingly invading the urban landscape. For many, they are a modern and flexible form of mobility. In large cities with traffic congestion, this new means of transportation offers a significant time saving. But with the widespread use of self-service scooters, accidents are on the rise. Besides fractures, sprains and bruises, head injuries are among the most frequent. Sometimes with serious brain damage.
Although legislation is still flexible, there is nothing to stop you from choosing prevention and protective accessories. It should also be noted that some insurance companies require you to wear a scooter helmet to cover your travels. Be a responsible rider, ride covered thanks to the Cosmo Connected lighted scooter helmet!

How to protect yourself on a scooter?

Of course, with an electric scooter as with a bicycle, the most important protection is to protect your head in case of impact. But, in addition to the scooter helmet, other protections can ensure your safety on the road. These include knee pads, wrist guards and gloves. These will also protect your hands from the cold.
And don't forget lighting devices to make sure you're seen. On a scooter or rollerblade, you can never be too careful. Especially at night and in bad weather, situations that reduce visibility. Riders who weave in and out of cars sometimes take high risks. An unchecked blind spot, a failing light or even a downpour, and it is an accident guaranteed. Since July 1ᵉʳ, 2020, electric scooters must have a braking system and a horn. French legislation makes it mandatory to have a rear and front light as well as reflective devices on the rear and side. A reinforced legislation which also concerns rollerblades and skateboards. To complete your safety and make you more visible, Cosmo Connected has developed the luminous scooter helmet.

Why choose a lighted scooter helmet?

While riding your scooter, you are more vulnerable than a driver behind the wheel. With the lighted scooter helmet, Cosmo Connected offers you an all-in-one equipment that meets the visibility and safety needs of road users. Our equipment has bright and powerful signals, specially designed to enhance your safety on the road. Thanks to these supports of reinforced visibility, you become easily visible by all the users of the public road. A device that is certainly appreciated at night, but also in areas of particularly dense traffic, where visibility is compromised. Whenever the rider is confronted with a poorly lit area, he can count on his Cosmo Connected lighted scooter helmet to protect him. Need to signal a change of direction? The turn signal built into the scooter helmet makes it easy.
Cosmo Connected designs protective accessories that are adapted to your needs and comply with current standards, including EN 1078. Whatever the model, we favor robust and quality materials for a resistant helmet structure. Our lighted scooter helmets are also ergonomically designed and comfortable for your well-being on the road. To choose your scooter helmet, take your head size beforehand. Cosmo Connected offers a range of lighted helmets in different sizes to suit everyone. The rotating adjustment of the helmet allows to better adapt to your head size. We also take into account criteria such as fit, ventilation and technology, which are far from being details. Cosmo Connected is constantly innovating for intuitive and interactive safety, in tune with the times.

The technological advantage of Cosmo Connected scooter helmets

Thanks to a dedicated application, available on App Store and Google Play, you can control and customize your flashing and lighted scooter helmet. Cosmo Connected gives you the ability to create and configure up to three emergency contacts that can follow your every move. Ideal for reassuring your loved ones when you venture out on your scooter in the urban jungle. In case of a fall, the system alerts them immediately by SMS.
The Cosmo Connected smartphone application goes even further by allowing you to keep control of your connected lights. Simply use the app's virtual remote control. With a few clicks, you can control your light modes, between hazard lights and parking lights. The change of direction is possible on the Cosmo Ride light helmet model. Versatile, the application also communicates in real time the battery level of all your connected devices. Cosmo Connected, whether on a scooter, bike or motorcycle, really does everything it can to ensure your safety on the road.