Do you bike to work? Then you are a velotaf enthusiast. A revolution is underway. For several years, the number of cyclists has been increasing in France. The problem is the cohabitation with motorists, source of stress and danger. Unfortunately, collisions are numerous and sometimes fatal. Cosmo Connected proposes you to use a bicycle blinker. A responsible and preventive choice to have on your bicycle helmet to reduce the risk of accidents.

Why use a bike blinker?

The bike blinker allows you to easily signal your intentions to other road users. A gadget, you think? Far from it, when you know the sad reality of the dangers of cyclists' lack of visibility. Especially at night and in urban areas, where traffic is often very dense. The bike blinker is an indispensable signalling device to complete your outfit as a careful cyclist. With this ingenious accessory, communicate with motorists and help them anticipate your changes of direction. No need to lift your arm and risk losing your balance when the bike blinker is there to help you. Ride with peace of mind with Cosmo Connected!
The vulnerability of cyclists is a fact. Especially since helmets are only mandatory for cyclists up to the age of 12. In the city, the slightest sudden and poorly signaled deviation of a two-wheeler can have dramatic consequences. At a crossroads or a traffic circle, on small streets as well as on large avenues, changes of direction are numerous and sometimes rapid. Today, technology allows cyclists to find a certain tranquility on the public road. It is no longer normal to have to constantly turn around and look over one's shoulder to make sure one is safe. A second of inattention with a glance backwards or a raised arm that leaves the other alone on the handlebars? Cosmo Connected says no, and offers the bike turn signal instead. We make your safety and visibility our priorities, and help you find your way around better on your bike.
The bike turn signal is easily placed behind the cyclist's helmet. It can be combined with a stop light to maximize visibility in the broadest sense. A device that knows how to remain discreet without skimping on efficiency. Don't play with your safety and the safety of others. Whether you cycle every day or more rarely, for work or pleasure, alone or with a child as a passenger. Discover the innovative features of the Cosmo Connected bike blinker!

The Cosmo Connected bike blinker to be seen

Among the essential accessories for cycling at night, there is the reflective vest. There are also reflectors on the front and rear wheels, which are mandatory under French law. And of course, the helmet, that is valid at any time of the day. But the bike blinker also deserves its place in this list. Cosmo Connected offers you an innovative lighting device that combines turn signal, position light, brake light and hazard light. All with innovative technology and a dedicated smartphone app to control and configure everything remotely. A remote control is provided with the product. It simply attaches to the handlebars, so you can keep your hands in the right position when you want to change direction - and signal well. The 8-hour continuous battery life is just one more benefit that lets you hit the road with confidence.
More and more people in France are going to use bicycles to get around. This is true for the big cities as well as for the countryside. For both ecological and economic reasons, the bicycle is making an unexpectedly strong comeback in an environment that is still mostly dominated by the car. Cycling must remain a pleasure. Concerns about safety on two wheels should not be a barrier to cycling. The Cosmo Ride bike blinker puts an end to hesitation and reduces the dangers on the road. Being seen well, especially at night and in bad weather, is a necessity for cyclists. And this, both in the city where traffic is wilder, and in the countryside where night lighting is often insufficient to ensure your visibility and safety.

How does the Cosmo Connected bike blinker work?

The Cosmo Connected is the first 100% French bike blinker! After years of studies and tests, we are proud to be able to accompany today many cyclists who care about their safety. Our removable bike blinker attaches and detaches in seconds to the cyclist's helmet. A smart device that has a very simple remote control with three buttons. This allows you to operate the turn signal on your helmet by simply moving your thumb. Don't let go of the handlebars and focus on the road ahead!
Cosmo Connected is a French startup that innovates with new technologies. That's why you'll also find a smartphone application, available on Google Play and App Store, to configure your lights in an intuitive and connected way. A "fall detection" mode lets you alert up to three loved ones, your "guardian angels," if you're in a collision on the road.
Our lighting system is based on simple signage to facilitate the understanding of other road users. The objective is not to indicate your trajectory with precision, but to warn other road users of your intentions. This way, everyone can adapt their behavior on the road without endangering anyone. Cyclists are not the only ones on the road, but they deserve more attention from motorists. Cosmo Connected is aware of the problem of the visibility of two-wheelers. Together, let's make the little queen the big queen of prevention and safety!