On a bike or scooter, you are vulnerable on the road. Especially at night or in the rain, when visibility is reduced. Cosmo Connected offers you an innovative and efficient range of comfortable lighted helmets. Make the choice of visibility and safety thanks to helmets equipped with modern lighting devices. Design and functional, the Cosmo Connected luminous helmets are also connected to better meet your needs.

Why wear a lighted helmet?

Cycling and scootering: dangerous activities? Not if you are well equipped and pay attention to the rules of the road. In big cities, bike lanes and electric scooters are becoming more and more popular. But urban cyclists are still in the minority, and must share the road with motorists. In these stressful conditions, and without proper equipment, the slightest deviation can be fatal.

In France, wearing a helmet on a bicycle is only mandatory for children under the age of 12. From this age, it is still strongly recommended to wear a helmet to ride a bike safely. On the other hand, the French law makes it mandatory for bicycles to have lights and signals. These include position lights and white and orange reflectors on the side, front and pedals of bicycles. However, this lighting is not always sufficient. Most road accidents involving cyclists and motorists are due to a lack of visibility. And, the increase in scooter accidents, sometimes fatal, can be worrisome while the legislation is still in its infancy.

For Cosmo Connected, the observation is the following: insufficient visibility puts cyclists in danger. And, when you don't wear a helmet, the risks are even more serious. Although helmets are not mandatory for adults, they can reduce the risk of brain damage. And even save lives in the event of a violent crash. That's why Cosmo Connected has developed illuminated helmets that simultaneously address the need for visibility and safety. More than a bike helmet or scooter helmet, the lighted helmet designed by Cosmo Connected reinforces your feeling of safety on the road while reassuring other users.

Discover the Cosmo Connected lighted helmets that combine comfort, design and technology to better protect you. In the urban jungle as in the countryside or in the forest, Cosmo Connected makes your safety a priority.

Resistant and comfortable luminous helmets

Cosmo Connected offers ventilated helmets with rear lighting. Our lighted bicycle and scooter helmets are made of natural, lightweight fabrics for excellent fit, even when worn for extended periods. The Bio-Dome is made of recycled EPS and the paint is water-based. It's proof that you can protect yourself while protecting the environment. Our range of helmets with integrated lighting is specially designed to adapt to all types of terrain. Resistant, our lighted helmets offer optimal protection, whatever the driving environment. The ultimate safety accessory, your Cosmo Connected Illuminated Helmet is a responsible choice for maximum visibility.

Designed as a shell, the COSMO URBAN helmet protects your entire head, including the back and sides. And the COSMO ROAD helmet, in addition to rear reflective strips, includes ventilation to keep you safe without compromising your comfort. This anti-transpiration device ventilates the head during exercise. The foam lining is removable and washable. We've thought of everything, even including a removable cap to protect you from the sun. With Cosmo Connected, there is a scooter helmet or bike helmet for every need.

Available in several sizes (S/M and L/XL), our lighted helmets have the advantage of being adjustable. Thanks to its magnetic and anti-pinch closure system Fidlock®, your lighted helmet adapts easily to your head size. The helmet's light is equipped with turn signals that allow you to signal your changes of direction to other road users. You can count on intuitive, reliable and high-performance lighting.

How do our connected helmet lights work?

In Cosmo Connected, there is Connected. If the priority of our light helmets is to increase safety by being better seen on the road, our equipment integrates other innovative elements. For example, our range is based on intelligent and connected features. A dedicated smartphone application allows you to adjust the Cosmo remotely and control your lighted helmet with your fingertips. With this mobile app, set and control your helmet yourself according to your preferences and needs on the road. Customize your helmet's lighting, track your physical activity and check your battery status at any time. You can also share all your rides in real time with your friends and family. Ideal to warn them immediately in case of an accident. Cosmo Connected is your connected guardian angel.

Our luminous helmets have an autonomy of eight hours in continuous use. You can recharge the battery with a simple USB cable. Your Cosmo Connected headset comes with a wireless remote control. The remote control attaches easily to the handlebars without tools, making it a great choice for connected cyclists. Control the lighting and operate the various functions without having to touch the helmet. Keep your hands on the handlebars and focus on the road!

All components are waterproof, so you can ride safely in all weather conditions. With the Cosmo Connected lighted helmet, you have found your best ally to ensure your protection as soon as you hit the road on your two-wheeler. For leisure or work, day or night, enjoy the joys of cycling and scootering with your Cosmo!