When it's raining and dark, accidents are more frequent and more dangerous. Especially when you are riding a scooter. Cosmo Connected brings an effective and technological solution with the turn signal for scooter helmet. A lighting device that also acts as a position light, brake light and hazard light. We are making our modest (but very useful!) contribution to adapting the urban and rural landscape to the growing use of scooters. With Cosmo Connected, enjoy legible, visible and waterproof signage that works in all weather conditions.

What is a scooter turn signal?

Turn signals are not an option for cars. And it should be the same for scooters. If you're driving a scooter, it's important to let everyone know which direction you're going to turn. But how do you make the turn signal visible to all users? Car headlights don't compare to scooter lights. Cosmo Connected has developed a removable light that fits directly on the back of the helmet. A smart accessory that fits all types of scooter helmets.
Just because you don't need a driver's license to ride a scooter doesn't mean you can ignore the rules of the road. On the contrary. Responsible and safe driving is even more important for a scooter than for a car. There are no airbags or body panels to protect you in case of impact. You have to take care of your own safety. Electric scooters share the public highway with bicycles, motorcycles, cars and pedestrians. When it comes to road safety, anticipation is key. The scooter blinker ensures the safety of all.
For maximum safety, we advise you to check the condition of the electric scooter's battery (and of your turn signal!) before taking to the road. The same goes for the brakes and lights of the machine. If you wish, you can go even further by equipping your scooter with mirrors that will give you enhanced visibility.

Why add a scooter blinker to your helmet?

As with bicycles, anticipation and signaling behavior are essential to avoid electric scooter accidents. When other road users are surprised by the sudden appearance of a rider or when they have not anticipated a change of direction, the dangers are real. Adding a scooter blinker to your helmet is a simple gesture that alerts motorists to your presence and intentions. The brightness of the device allows you to remain visible, even in rain, heavy traffic and in the dark. A simple light on a scooter helmet can save lives. Attract attention around you and ride safely by adopting the scooter turn signal.
More and more French people are opting for the convenience of electric scooters for their daily commute. Whether it's to get to the office or to cover short distances in town, practicality should not take precedence over caution and safety. Where scooters can be dangerous, especially when you are not used to them, is in the acceleration system. In most cases, this machine accelerates by activating a lever with the thumb. During this time, the hands are not free to do anything else. Like signaling a change of direction like cyclists do, for example. In addition, the small wheels of scooters require constant control of your balance. This may be what makes the scooter turn signal even more useful and relevant than the bike turn signal. And this is true even for more experienced drivers.
No one is spared the dangers of the road. It is often on the simple, everyday routes that we know so well that collisions occur. Today, the scooter turn signal is still the best signaling option to improve your safety.

How does the Cosmo Connected Scooter Turn Signal work?

In the evening or at night, activate your connected scooter rear light and ensure optimal visibility. Cosmo Connected has developed an accessory that makes you visible to everyone thanks to an optimal brightness of 80 lumens. In addition, it has a brightness sensor, a light mode setting and an 8-hour continuous battery. The Cosmo Connected scooter flashing light adapts to all your needs. Relatively easy, the fixing of this lighting device does not require particular tools. With Cosmo Connected, trust the power of the light signal to indicate any change of direction. But also to alert other users of your braking, slowing down or passing.
Please note that, even if we strongly encourage you to wear one, the wearing of a scooter helmet is not yet mandatory in France. If this machine is assimilated to a bicycle, the legislation foresees an obligation for the children of less than 12 years. However, they are not legally authorized to ride a scooter. Whether as a driver or as a passenger. Even without a helmet, your scooter flasher can still accompany you on every journey. Because you can place it wherever you want. The Cosmo Connected scooter blinker can be attached not only to city helmets but also to your backpack or handlebars. Different attachments integrated into the turn signal allow you to choose the right location.
On the handlebars, the turn signal remote can control up to two Cosmo Rides. In addition to signaling your changes of direction, select your own light mode on the road. A dedicated application completes the control of the turn signal scooter. In the event of a fall, your loved ones registered in the system receive immediate notification by SMS to help you.