The glasses communicate via Bluetooth with the Cosmo app, which sends it the data to be viewed. A micro-projector displays the information transparently on the right lens in the upper field of view.

Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to sunlight, and the light sensor adjusts the brightness of the display, ensuring optimal contrast under any conditions.

The micro-USB port located at nose level fully charges the glasses within about three hours, for a battery life of 12 hours.

It’s a see-through(see-through)  display technology developed by the Grenoble startup Microoled. It combines electronics, firmware, optics, lenses and an OLED micro display. It features a high brightness head-up display in a compact, lightweight design and best-in-class battery life.

You can choose to display:

We will expand the list of available data as updates are released.

La navigation augmentée se lance depuis l’application. Pour afficher les indications, indiquez votre destination et appuyez sur “GO”. L’app calcule le trajet et envoi les informations aux lunettes.

The data is projected onto the right lens. They appear in the upper field of view.

In normal use, the battery life is 12 hours in continuous use. If you're only using a screen, it's possible to increase this time considerably by turning off the gesture sensor. They recharge completely in about 3 hours, through a micro-USB port located at the nose.

The Cosmo Vision have been thought and designed for cycling use first and foremost, both in design and application, but they can be used for other sports or leisure activities.

The Cosmo Vision comes with a case, cleaning kit with wipe, pouch and lanyard.

Only one unisex version is available on this first model. It fits all body types thanks to the adjustable nose pads and flexible temples.


Information is displayed via non-obtrusive technology in the upper portion of the field of view, transparently projected onto the right lens by a micro-projector. Photochromic lenses tint in the sun, and a brightness sensor adjusts the intensity of the display, constantly adjusting for optimal contrast.

The design of the glasses is designed to prevent fogging, thanks to vents located between the lens and the frame, particularly useful during more athletic sessions.

The glasses are IP54 certified, resistant to rain and dust. They are equipped with Category 1 - 3 photochromic lenses that adapt to ambient light, to use as tinted sunglasses in the sun or transparent night glasses. A built-in light sensor in the mount adjusts the brightness of the display in your field of view.

On this first version, only one type of lens is offered, without visual correction. If you have astigmatism, however, you will see the AR display correctly.

This first version does not allow Cosmo Vision to be worn over corrective glasses. Several avenues are being explored for a v2 suitable for everyone.

Cosmo Vision are available in Afflelou stores. Find the stores on the Boutiques page.


Press the touch button located on just above the nose for 3 seconds. They will then be detectable and bluetooth association to the Cosmo app. Press again for a few seconds to turn off the glasses.

If your Cosmo Vision are not responding, perform a reset as described in the question "my glasses display is stuck, how do I restart them?"

A micro-USB port located at the nose, charging the glasses in about three hours for a 12-hour battery life.

The application allows you to set up the glasses; brightness, screen position, activation/deactivation of gesture and brightness sensors, choice of data to be displayed and order of screens.

During a ride, it is the application that sends the information that the glasses display via bluetooth connection.

Open the app and let it guide you, or go to "My Cosmo" and then the "Cosmo Vision" tab and click "Add Device".

You will be asked to enable Bluetooth: allow.

The app also requires access to the device's location. We recommend that you always allow location for optimal operation. If you refuse, the glasses will not be functional.

Your glasses are compatible with the ActiveLook® ecosystem; you can use them with any app labeled "Works with ActiveLook".

Les informations sont personnalisées via l’application mobile, chacun peut donc choisir sur son app Cosmo les informations à afficher sur son tableau de bord virtuel.

To move the image in your field of view, start by fine-tuning the physical setting of your Cosmo Vision:

1 - adjust the nose pads to raise or lower the optical system relative to your eye. Position yourself in front of a mirror: the pupil of your right eye should be on the same horizontal plane as the lens visible on the surface of the micro-projector. Use the nose pad adjustment to achieve this.


Rendez-vous dans le menu Personnalisation de vos Cosmo Vision (accessible depuis le menu Mes Cosmo). Vous aurez alors la possibilité de choisir :

Votre donnée principale : celle qui restera visible sur la première ligne de votre affichageVos données secondaires et leur ordre d'apparition : ce sont les données que vous pourrez faire défiler sur la seconde ligne d'affichage.Lorsque vous utilisez un feu connecté Cosmo, vous profitez également de l’affichage du mode de feu actif.

Lors d'un trajet avec itinéraire, votre donnée principale sera automatiquement modifiée pour afficher vos instructions de navigation.

Problem solving

Check that your glasses are switched on and connected to the app (see how do I add my glasses to the app?)

Once connected, the glasses' screen may go into pause mode. It will then not display any journey data. To start the display (re)launch a ride from the app by pressing "GO".

During the initial data integration phase (capturing the GPS signal, stabilizing the data evaluated by the app) which lasts about 30 seconds, some information may not be displayed.

If your glasses get stuck and don't seem to respond or charge, or if the green LED on the module above the nose keeps flashing, equip yourself with:

Your glassesYour micro-USB cableA power source (computer, adapter, etc.)

Then try plugging and unplugging your glasses a few times, until the LED stays steady when the glasses are plugged in.

Il est très certainement désactivé. Après avoir connecté vos lunettes à l'application Cosmo :

Allez dans le menu ”Mes Cosmo”,Séléctionnez l’onglet configuration de vos lunettesActivez le capteur de gestes.

S’il est déjà activé et que le capteur ne fonctionne toujours pas, essayez d'éteindre vos lunettes puis de les rallumer. Si le problème persiste, veuillez contacter le service après-vente (support@cosmoconnected.com).

Vérifiez que vos Cosmo Vision sont allumées : si les lunettes s'éteignent toutes seules après quelques secondes, ou si elles ne s'allument pas du tout, essayez de les brancher pendant un moment avant de réessayer.

Activez le Bluetooth : lorsque vous lancez l'application Cosmo sur votre smartphone, un message devrait apparaître s’il est désactivé.

Première connection : une fois associées, vos lunettes se connectent automatiquement à l’application. Si c’est votre première utilisation, ou que les lunettes ne sont plus reconnues :

Allumez les lunettesOuvrez l’application CosmoSi les lunettes ne sont pas automatiquement reconnues et connectées par l'applicationRelancer la connexion de vos Cosmo Vision en utilisant soit le menu "Etat de mes Cosmo" situé en bas à droite de l'écran principal (avec la carte), soit l'onglet "Détails" de vos Cosmo Vision (accessible depuis "Mes Cosmo")

Vos lunettes devraient alors être reconnues.

Si vous ne trouvez pas vos lunettes après les avoir allumées, essayez de les éteindre puis de les rallumer. Essayez également d'arrêter l'application sur votre téléphone, puis relancez-la. Suivez une nouvelle fois les étapes précédentes et voyez si cela fonctionne.

Si le problème persiste, veuillez contacter le service après-vente Cosmo Connected (support@cosmoconnected.com).

Le capteur situé en haut du verre gauche de vos lunettes prend en compte la lumière qui vous entoure pour ajuster l'éclairage de l'écran. Vous pouvez activer ou désactiver cette fonctionnalité dans l’application Cosmo.

Si la luminosité automatique a un comportement anormal (clignotement de l'écran, luminosité statique...)

Essayez de la désactiver et réactiver dans l'onglet "Configuration" des vos Cosmo Vision (accessible depuis le menu "Mes Cosmo").Essayez également d'éteindre et d'allumer les lunettes.Essayez si besoin de fermer l'application Cosmo Connected et de l'ouvrir à nouveau, puis recommencez les étapes précédentes.

Si le problème persiste, veuillez contacter le service après-vente Cosmo Connected (support@cosmoconnected.com).


Le support sur lequel le Cosmo Ride se fixe peut se coller à tous les casques citadins “plats”, ou bien s’attacher à des casques ventilés. Cosmo Ride est adapté aux véhicules de mobilité douce à vitesse modérée uniquement, comme le vélo, la trottinette, les monowheels, le skateboard ou le roller.

When you activate the app on your rides, it communicates with the built-in gyrometer measuring the Cosmo Ride's angular velocity. In the event of an accident, the system turns on the hazard lights, and triggers the position to be sent to Guardian Angels, three contacts added from the app.

The built-in accelerometer measures speed changes, and intensifies the LEDs when you brake.

The Cosmo Ride is made for all weather. Ultrasonic soldering and a USB port with plug protect the electronics from rain, summer and winter, from 0° to 45°C.

No, the Cosmo Ride can only be used on moderate-speed soft mobility vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, gyro-bikes, skateboards or even rollerblades.

No, the Cosmo Ride was created to be exclusively a tail light.

The Cosmo Ride is guaranteed for 2 years upon presentation of the purchase invoice.

The Cosmo Ride comes with its attachments (for flat surface urban helmet, saddle or ventilated helmet), a remote control accompanied by a handlebar mount, and a micro-usb cable.

Please contact customer service at support@cosmoconnected.com with your details.


To turn on, press the touch-sensitive ON/OFF button on the back of the Cosmo Ride for 3 seconds.

To turn off, you can press the ON/OFF button again, press the center button on the remote control during or use the mobile app.

The Cosmo Ride will automatically turn off after 2 minutes of total immobility.

First download the Cosmo Connected app, and make sure that both Bluetooth and GPS on your phone are enabled. Then follow the step-by-step instructions on the app to pair your devices.

Do not attempt to pair your devices directly via your phone's Bluetooth settings.

The parking light, hazard light and turn signals are best controlled from the remote, or from the app after starting a journey.

A red indicator light appears when you are charging the battery, and goes out when the charge is complete.

The remote control for your Cosmo Ride runs on a CR2032 battery.

The USB port is located on the back of the device, behind the protective tab.

Problem solving

When the lights on the remote flash simultaneously and slowly, it means that it has fallen out of sync with the Cosmo Ride and the app. Simply re-link them from the mobile app.


Your Cosmo Ride is most likely in saddle and brake light mode, and only lights up when it detects braking. Check that it's on, by activating the parking light on the middle button on the remote, or from the app.

The button is tactile. You simply place your finger on it for 3 seconds to turn the Cosmo Ride on or off.


Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care by writing to the following address: support@cosmoconnected.com.


Le Cosmo Moto est équipé d'un gyromètre communiquant avec l’application Cosmo, permettant de détecter les chutes, et d'alerter automatiquement sans intervention de votre part après 3 minutes, sous réserve d'avoir renseigné vos contacts d'urgence (Anges gardiens) et d'avoir lancé un trajet via l'application.

Le Cosmo Moto est garanti 2 ans sur présentation de la facture d'achat.

Il n'existe pas de témoin de charge pour le Cosmo Moto. Le temps de charge optimal est d’environ 2h40.

Tapez deux fois énergiquement sur l’une des extrémités avec la paume de la main. Pour éteindre, recommencer, ou utilisez l’app Cosmo.

Le Cosmo Moto s'éteindra tout seul après 2 minutes d'immobilité totale.

Préparez tout d’abord la surface du casque en la nettoyant la lingette fournie et laissez sécher, positionnez la base sur le casque, et appuyez fortement pendant 2 minutes.

Attendez 24h avant de poser le Cosmo Moto sur la base du casque, pour laisser à la surface adhésive le temps de sécher parfaitement.

Le port USB se trouve à l'arrière de l'appareil, derrière la languette étanche.


A helmet-mounted light is best positioned in the field of vision of people behind you, especially other two-wheelers. It is also never hidden by the bonnet of a car following too closely.

All our helmets are equipped with a removable Cosmo Ride to protect before and after possible accidents.

The integrated Cosmo Ride is equipped with a gyrometer that measures angular speed, which is communicated to the app at all times. In the event of an accident, the system activates the hazard lights, and sends a geo-located alert to your Guardian Angels, three contacts you can fill in the app, provided you have initiated a ride via the app.

The choice of helmet depends on your maximum speed. You can wear a bike helmet up to 25km/h (electrically assisted bikes), snowboard helmets up to 40km/h, and a jet helmet up to 60km/h. A full face or modular helmet should be worn for all higher speeds.

Our helmets are suitable for all electric vehicles travelling at less than 25km/h (EN 1078 Standard)

Cosmo Fusion

The helmet's design is suitable for all heads. The rotary adjustment at the back allows for a firm and comfortable fit. If needed, a thicker replacement foam is provided with the helmet.

The design of both headphones is identical. Fusion Pure comes without a remote control or earmuffs, which can be purchased separately.

The available colours of Fusion Pure are glossy ruby, glossy black and matt black. Fusion Premium is available in glossy sage or sand, and black or white matte finish.

This is a system that allows the two buckles to be attached with one hand, without pinching at the closure. The strap is then securely fastened, yet easy to unfasten again with one hand.

Cosmo Fusion Premium comes with a Cosmo Ride, additional seat and helmet straps, remote control with handlebar mount, a pair of ear muffs, spare thick inner foam, micro-usb cable, carry bag and soft pouch for accessories.

Cosmo Fusion Pure comes with a Cosmo Ride, spare thick inner foam, micro-usb cable, carry bag and soft pouch for accessories.

Cosmo Urban

Cosmo Urban is available in S/M (52-58cm) or L/XL(59-61cm), adjustable by means of a rotating tightening at the back of the helmet.

To know your size, use a tape measure. The head size goes through the middle of the forehead and over the bump on the back of the skull, without tightening the tape too much.

To attach your light, simply slide it into the helmet's built-in attachment. Pair it with its remote control from the app to control the light modes.

This is a system that allows the two buckles to be attached with one hand, without pinching at the closure. The strap is then securely fastened, yet easy to unfasten again with one hand.

The Cosmo Urban comes with a removable cap visor and a complete Cosmo Ride (helmet and seat mount, remote control with handlebar mount, micro-usb cable)


Cosmo Road

Cosmo Road is available in S/M (52-58cm). The fit is achieved by means of a rotating clamp at the back of the helmet.

To attach your light, simply slide it into the helmet's built-in attachment. Pair it with its remote control from the app to control the light modes.

This is a system that allows the two buckles to be attached with one hand, without pinching at the closure. The strap is then securely fastened, yet easy to unfasten again with one hand.

The Cosmo Road comes with a Cosmo Ride complete with helmet and seat mounts, remote control with handlebar mount and micro-usb cable.

Cosmo Evasion

Cosmo Evasion is available in S/M (53-58cm) or L/XL(59-61cm), adjustable by means of a rotating tightening at the back of the helmet.

To know your size, use a tape measure. The head size goes through the middle of the forehead and over the bump on the back of the skull, without tightening the tape too much.

To attach your light, simply slide it into the helmet's built-in attachment. Pair it with its remote control from the app to control the light modes.

The Cosmo Evasion comes with a Cosmo Ride light, helmet and saddle mount, micro-usb cable and storage pouch)


Just push the base of the Cosmo Ride (already turned on) into the Securain's built-in clip, then turn clockwise to return it to horizontal (less than a quarter turn).

If you have difficulty inserting it, use your second hand to put pressure behind the bag's clip, so you can push the Cosmo Ride onto the spring.

To remove the Cosmo Ride, push again and turn the other way.

If you already own a Cosmo Ride, the Securain with integrated stand is available in the shop.

Absolutely, your package contains a Securain bag and a complete Cosmo Ride box including helmet and saddle clips.

Absolutely. The bag houses a large space containing a padded compartment that can accommodate a 14-inch computer as well as a tablet.

The bag is made of waterproof Denier 600, closed with waterproof Securitech® zips. The Cosmo Ride's electronics are protected from water by ultrasonic welding, and a USB port with plug.

Securain comes complete with a Cosmo Ride cosmo with helmet and seat mounts, remote control with handlebar mount, and micro-usb cable.

To set up the Cosmo Ride in the app, follow the instructions. To take advantage of the brake light, depending on the version of the app, choose bag or saddle.


The Cosmo app is available on iOS and Android, you can download it on the different stores:

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/cosmo-connected/id1511947577Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cosmoconnected.cosmo.connected

do I need to download the app?

Depending on the phone model and version, the detection time may vary. Make sure you download the latest mobile app update and enable bluetooth and geolocation on the smartphone.

Yes, it is imperative that you launch a ride in the app so that it communicates with your Cosmo Ride while you are riding.

The application can be used as a GPS only if you own a pair of Cosmo Vision.

The app requires Bluetooth (and location for Android devices) to be enabled. Also make sure you accept all permissions required by the Cosmo app.Some phones are unfortunately not compatible. Si le problème persiste, envoyez un message à support@cosmoconnected.com

To add your guardian angels, log into your app and click on the shield icon.

No, this is not necessary. Your guardian angels will receive a text message with your GPS coordinates to track your journey or in case of an accident, provided you have activated the feature, and run the journey in the app.

Turn off the bluetooth and put the phone in aeroplane mode for 15 seconds


Delivery times are 2 to 3 working days for metropolitan France and 5 working days for Europe and the non-European zone.

You will receive your tracking number by email when the package has been shipped. The link will become active 24-48 hours after your order has been shipped.

The tracking number will be sent to you by email.

You will find the invoice for your order directly in your customer area after making your purchase.

Please contact customer service at support@cosmoconnected.com. Return shipping costs are not covered.

Please note: you have a 15-day withdrawal period, starting the day after the package is delivered, as evidenced by the carrier's stamp.