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The temples and bridge adapt to all face types. Ventilated, fog-free, photochromic lenses darken when exposed to sunlight, while the light sensor adjusts the display.


Integrate your data into reality.
The see-through display projects the information transferred by the Cosmo app onto the right lens of the glasses.

Visualise everything,
in one move

Wave your hand in front of the motion sensor to browse between screens

GPS Route
Timed distance
Elevation display

Powered byCosmo App

Powered by Cosmo App

Available on iOS and Android


Start the GPS

Enter the destination on your smartphone.
The guided route displays in the Cosmo Vision.



Augmented navigation launches from the app. To view the directions, enter your destination and press "GO". The app calculates the route and sends the information to the glasses.

Information is displayed via non-obtrusive technology in the upper portion of the field of view, transparently projected onto the right lens by a micro-projector. Photochromic lenses tint in the sun, and a brightness sensor adjusts the intensity of the display, constantly adjusting for optimal contrast.

The design of the glasses is designed to prevent fogging, thanks to vents located between the lens and the frame, particularly useful during more athletic sessions.

The glasses are IP54 certified, rain and dust resistant. They feature Category 1 - 3 photochromic lenses that adapt to ambient light, so you can use the glasses tinted in the sun or clear at night. A brightness sensor built into the frame adjusts the intensity of the display in your field of vision.


In normal use, the battery life is 12 hours in continuous use. If you're only using a screen, it's possible to increase this time considerably by disabling the gesture sensor. They recharge completely in about 3 hours, through a micro-USB port located at the nose.

On this first version, only one type of lens is offered, without visual correction. If you have astigmatism, however, you will see the AR display correctly.

Cosmo Vision can display:

GPS navigation (left - right guidance)distance traveled or remainingtime elapsed or remainingyour instantaneous or average speedthe difference in elevation of the roadthe active light mode of a Cosmo Ride (turn signals, warning, position)

We will be adding to the list of available data as we update.

This is a see-through display technology (see-through) developed by Grenoble-based startup Microoled. It combines electronics, firmware, optics, lens and a micro OLED display. A design that allows a high-brightness HUD display to fit in a compact design, with unprecedented lightness and autonomy.

Cosmo Vision are available at Afflelou stores.

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Birth of a standard

Keeping your eyes on the road is even more critical on a bicycle or scooter than in a car, especially so in cities, where riders circulate among at times distracted motorists, presenting a significant danger. Under these conditions, accidents happen quickly.

Cosmo Vision glasses naturally complete our set of accessories for bicycles and scooters, by providing these micromobility vehicles with a technology that cars already benefit from. Our smart glasses feature head-up display of key data without obstructing the wearer's field of vision, thanks to the see-through Activelook® technology developed by the French innovator Microoled. This smart integrated dashboard displays navigation data through the Cosmo application. It has its own integrated GPS system.

In addition to navigation, our smart glasses display performance tracking data including timer, speed, elevation and distance travelled, scrolled over the lens with a wave of the hand. These smart glasses adjust to your face shape, are water and dust resistant, and ventilated to prevent fogging. They feature photochromic lenses which adapt to the brightness level by day or night.

These hardware specifications combined with augmented reality technology and versatile data, all encompassed in just 40 grams, make our smart GPS glasses suitable for all pursuits, from urban commuting to fitness training.