What is an LED motorcycle helmet?

You can have a modern look and optimize your visibility on a motorcycle. The proof is in the pudding with Cosmo Connected's removable rear lights for motorcycle and scooter helmets. It's not about showing off or design gimmicks. It's about safety. Remember that, unlike bicycles, helmets are mandatory for motorcycles - as well as scooters, mopeds and quadricycles. Those who do not respect this obligation are facing a withdrawal of points... in addition to playing with their lives. But unfortunately, a helmet is not always enough. Visibility problems can compromise the sometimes illusory feeling of safety on two-wheelers.

As for bikes and scooters, the lack of visibility directly threatens motorcycles, especially at night. To provide a concrete solution, Cosmo Connected has thought of making motorcycle helmets more luminous. With specific flashing devices! For the somewhat futuristic style of our LED motorcycle helmet lights, we took our inspiration directly from science fiction. However, as a biker, you might want to match the color of your accessory with the style of your bike. So, to better match your helmet, the Cosmo Connected range is available in different colors: glossy black and glossy white. You can be responsible on your motorcycle and still look great.

The purpose of an LED motorcycle helmet is clear. It is to make you stand out, in every sense of the word, thanks to a bright look that ensures your presence to other road users. This lighting directly complements the motorcycle's headlights and other reflective equipment on the biker's outfit. Especially since the helmet light is visible from above, where sometimes the motorcycle and its lights can be hidden by other vehicles in heavy traffic. With your Cosmo Connected LED motorcycle helmet, the light on your head is visible from a distance. A luminous addition that will quickly become essential to reduce the risks and dangers on the road.

COSMO MOTO: visibility, brightness, safety

Removable lighting means that you can remove and install your light on your helmet according to the needs of your trips. This additional light strip is especially useful at night or in case of rain. The fixation on the motorcycle or scooter helmet is not definitive. When the weather is clear and traffic is flowing, you can remove the light if you wish. Without damaging your helmet, thanks to the magnetic base provided for this purpose. This accessory is placed at the back of the helmet to signal your intentions to the users who follow you.

Light weight, water resistance and light settings are the main advantages of this robust and modern equipment. Indeed, you have the possibility to customize your lighting thanks to different light modes. This waterproof lighting device for motorcycle helmets is equipped with a hazard light, a position light and a brake light to warn of your slowing down. But also a turn signal to warn when you want to turn right or left. Another way to ensure your safety. Adjust the sensitivity of the brake light yourself before you hit the road. With this equipment adapted to your needs, you are ready for any eventuality, without giving in to stress or panic. The tests that we have carried out beforehand make the removable light compatible with the vast majority of motorcycle and scooter helmets. Discreet and versatile, it turns on and off and is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves - which are mandatory for both driver and passenger.

Cosmo Connected provides you with a remote control to allow you to control and configure your equipment. The battery of this innovative system has an autonomy of 8 hours. Our LED motorcycle helmet, like all Cosmo products, is CE compliant. With your removable motorcycle helmet light, stay visible at eye level to other road users, especially motorists. The light output of the device ensures immediate and optimal visibility, day and night.

How does Cosmo technology connect to the motorcycle helmet?

With its futuristic aesthetics halfway between Daft Punk and cyberpunk, the LED motorcycle helmet is not science fiction. At most, it is "science-protection". Cosmo Connected makes road safety its priority. To do so, we can count on our technological lead. This is the role of our smartphone application, specially developed to control and customize the lighting of your motorcycle and scooter helmet. Download your smartphone app from Google Play and App Store and enjoy the features of your Cosmo without hindrance!

Our devices include an innovative geolocation system. You have the ability to share your rides in real time with your friends and family. The application allows you to define and pre-register three relatives, your "guardian angels" to be notified immediately and automatically in case of an accident. Very sensitive and constantly improved, this technology is already able to detect the slightest fall and abnormal position on the road.