The urban landscape is changing. Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles and electric scooters: new forms of mobility are multiplying, especially in large cities. City space is saturated and these new options offer significant time savings, among other advantages. The only drawback is the risk of accidents. New mobility should not be synonymous with danger. That's where new technologies come in. Supposed to simplify our lives, connected objects are not just trendy gadgets. And our reflective backpack that keeps an eye on your safety on the road is proof of that. Cosmo Connected presents you its essential accessory to perfect your style and your visibility on two wheels!

What is responsible mobility?

From home to the office, for work as for leisure, connected objects are everywhere. Some of them simplify our daily life, others go much further. When it comes to mobility, a new phenomenon is emerging: responsible mobility. For some, it's a matter of being mindful of their budget or the environment - or both at the same time. For some, it's about being budget-conscious or environmentally friendly - or both - by choosing an economical and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, such as a bicycle or scooter. For others, it's all about doing the right thing on the road - for yourself and for other road users.
Road safety is all about awareness and preparation. Get on the road with the right equipment. Fortunately, responsible mobility can now count on connected objects to seduce more and more French people. We also talk about soft mobility. However, the reality is sometimes harsh. Just look at the vulnerability of two-wheelers, including motorcycles, to motorists. In the heart of the urban jungle, where the law of the strongest persists, the impacts are sometimes violent. And collisions can be fatal. A simple, well-located connected object can make a difference and reduce the risk of serious accidents.
Sound system, lighting device, GPS... There are many solutions to drive responsibly and safely. Solutions that are also more and more innovative and efficient. The flashing backpack by Cosmo Connected is one of them. We understand the need for visibility and safety of cyclists, riders and other wheelers. Specialized in the design of connected objects for new mobilities, our startup has made road prevention its main concern!

Why wear a flashing backpack?

Our waterproof backpack with connected lighting is specially designed to meet the needs of city dwellers. To ensure safety on the road, it is not enough to wear lighting devices. You have to wear them in the right place. At Cosmo Connected, experts in two-wheeled visibility, we believe that the best visibility accessories are found on the back. Because that's how you best communicate with the riders behind you. It is on the basis of this observation, as basic as necessary, that our flashing backpack was born.
Don't take the risk of losing your balance while trying to signal your presence or your movements to other road users. Our reflective and secure backpack for all types of mobility takes care of it for you. Made of waterproof material, it is weather resistant. It has reflective strips that optimize your visibility, especially in the evening and at night. With a capacity of 22 liters, our Connected Securain can be adapted to your uses. Do you ride your bike or scooter to work? Do you need a bag to carry your stuff to the office? Our flashing backpack has a computer compartment and two reinforced pockets with ergonomic foam inside. Ideal for storing a tablet or a 14" computer. If you are planning a long distance trip, a strap allows you to attach the bag to the trolley system of your luggage. Other benefits include a secure, anti-theft locking system. Our reflective backpack is a connected visibility accessory, but it doesn't forget to fulfill its primary functions. Those of a practical, comfortable and resistant bag!
For comfort, we have trusted a brand well known to frequent travelers. It is Delsey, a brand renowned for its high-end bags and suitcases. Because of its trendy style, we chose a sleek and modern design that corresponds to the latest urban trends. Our flashing backpack is available in three colors: black, army and blue. And enjoy a two-year warranty.

Reflective backpack, flashing backpack and app: triple security

To complete the reflective backpack strips, our flashing backpack can count on a light in the upper position. It's the Cosmo Ride that gives you a bright and powerful light on the road. It attaches to your backpack easily and without tools. Control your lights with a wireless remote control to be installed on the handlebars of your bike. This connected device has a battery life of 8 hours of continuous use. A versatile and intelligent light that includes a right and left turn signal, a position light, a brake light and a hazard light.
The other great thing about your Cosmo Connected reflective backpack is of course its connectivity. To set up your accessory, Cosmo Connected has developed a dedicated application. It also allows you to share your journeys in real time in order to warn your loved ones automatically in case of a fall. Available on App Store and Google Play, our application is defined as a modern and intuitive mobility assistant. You also have the possibility to record all your daily trips. You can access your history and consult your statistics and graphs whenever you want. And if you ever lose your bag? A location feature helps you find it quickly. Cosmo Connected has thought of everything!