Cosmo Connected

Relive his travels without the fear.

Transition initiated

Free commuting is transforming our cities. Bike commuting has jumped 400% since 2015, accompanied by scooters, monowheels and hoverboards.

Balance to be defined

The life of the streets is being reorganized,
the transition in progress goes through
a cohabitation in the body to body between
the different users of the road.

Generalize the uses

40% of cyclists are afraid in the city. The figure rises to 89% if there are no facilities.
Despite the concern, one third do not wear a helmet, and 35% of their accidents are due to a lack of lighting equipment.

Ease the friction

Aesthetic brakes, bulky or too hot helmets, too basic lighting, complicated installation; the desire for lightness resists.
We need to think about safety in objects chosen by taste, adopted by desire, offering a real feeling of protection.

Safety starts with desire

Cosmo Connected is for those who ride to feel free, but who demand to be protected on condition that they feel good; for those who want to be seen when they brake, but noticed for the style; for all those who want objects that dress them up as much as they protect them; that make them visible, stay connected, absorb shocks, detect falls, and inform when necessary those who watch over us. Intelligent objects that we wear for pleasure, defined by principles:

Safety as a reason for our actions.
Technology to give us the means.
Design, so that it can be worn with everything.
The intransigence to demand all three.

Intelligent lighting

Equip each situation

Produced by the boiling of the city

At the convergence of urban agitation, fashion and tech innovation, Cosmo Connected develops its models in the heart of Paris, where R&D, Design and Marketing, often cyclists and always passionate, invent together what they want tomorrow for our cities.