It's all over the news. Cosmo Connected has never been more proud to innovate for your safety. What if you could ride your bike or scooter without looking at your smartphone? If you take your eyes off the road for even a second, you could have an accident. That's why we've come up with the glasses of the future. A device that uses heads-up display technology to help you navigate the road without taking your eyes off the road. Discover Cosmo Connected GPS glasses, new in 2022 and 100% French innovation!

GPS glasses: what for?

Why replace your smartphone with GPS application by glasses? What's the point? The same interest that pushed many French people to stop using an alarm clock or a watch since they have a smartphone. Practicality. Reason enough to which we could add security. We had already developed turn signals for scooters and bicycles with the same purpose. Cosmo Connected's sensitivity to road safety is nothing new. This time, we just went even further.
In our catalog of technological accessories for bikes, scooters and motorcycles, there was something missing. The lighting devices were clearly visible. But what about navigation devices? Why not offer glasses with GPS to ride with all the information already in front of you? Many cyclists and riders have surely asked themselves this question. And we have answered it with our most innovative product ever: Cosmo Vision. The primary objective is to optimize the safety of all those who ride two-wheelers through the sharing of real-time navigation data.
Our GPS glasses are the result of a collaboration between French startups that are about to revolutionize modern mobility. Your Cosmo Connected glasses don't just display GPS data. From the duration of the trip to the distance to your destination, including the time, your average speed and the percentage of battery, the features are complete.

GPS glasses by Cosmo Connected: how does it work?

The guidance system of our connected glasses materializes several data. In addition to seeing the number of meters that separate you from the next direction, an arrow helps you orient yourself. All the information, whatever it may be, displayed by the GPS glasses aims to keep you focused on the road. No more cell phones attached to the handlebars or, worse, pulled out of your pocket in a hurry, risking a collision. The autonomy is 12 hours continuous, which allows you to consider all your trips with peace of mind. The glasses recharge quickly and easily with a simple micro USB cable.

For optimum performance, the GPS glasses even include a gesture sensor. Located above the left lens, it allows you to scroll through the data displayed. A simple movement of the hand is enough. Several interfaces are available and can be customized directly from a dedicated application, downloadable from Google Play and App Store. Cosmo Connected offers a virtual fitting online to help you better project yourself. Our GPS glasses are delivered with their case, cleaning kit, pouch, wipe and cord.
In concrete terms, all you have to do is wear the glasses to activate them. They then automatically connect in Bluetooth mode to the smartphone application. The latter can remain in your pocket, and even at the bottom of your bag. Our GPS glasses are adjustable to better fit your face - temples and nose pads. They work day or night, no matter how bright it is outside. That's the advantage of photochromic lenses, which darken in bright sunlight and lighten in dark environments. But be careful! These lenses do not include any optical correction. Another major advantage is the waterproofing, which makes it possible to use them in the rain. Smart lenses are even dust resistant. And to avoid fogging, a ventilation system is provided. The spacing between the frame and the lens optimizes the flow of air.
Equipped with ActiveLook technology®, the Cosmo Connected GPS glasses could well revolutionize the way we see urban mobility. Just because they are ultra-light (weighing only 40 grams) doesn't mean they can't carry weight in the market!

GPS glasses: a 100% French mobility revolution

After the luminous helmets, the connected glasses are in the continuity of the innovations of the new mobilities. Moreover, GPS glasses are compatible with the connected indicators of our range. If you combine their use, the direction arrows are displayed on the glass.
In developing this device, we drew inspiration directly from technologies already present in high-end cars. In some models, navigation data is displayed on the windshield. To develop the technology module for its GPS glasses, Cosmo Connected did not use Waze or Google Maps, well-known GPS services. Instead, with a taste for challenge and innovation, we chose to develop our own GPS application. It is the result of a 100% French partnership between Cosmo Connected and Microoled, an innovative company from Grenoble. No less than two and a half years of development were necessary to go from idea to reality.
Between tests and improvements, nothing was left to chance. We needed an accessory that was not only efficient and innovative, but also as light as possible without skimping on comfort and design. We managed to reconcile everything without neglecting any of these aspects. We can even say that the Cosmo Connected GPS glasses have succeeded where Google Glass failed. With their sporty and futuristic aesthetics, the Cosmo Vision will be the talk of the town. A revolution is underway in the connected glasses market. We are proud to be part of it and to take you with us!