Cosmo Ride 75€

Visible from
all, even
from your loved ones

Visible from
all, even
from your loved ones

sees you

A brightness sensor adjusts the intensity of the LEDs, and the accelerometer detects when you brake.

Position light
Turn signals
Brake light
Distress light

Both hands
on the handlebars

Keep your balance, pair one or two Cosmo Rides with the remote to control their turn signals and light modes.

Reassure your loved ones,
and yourself

Share your journeys live with one to three Guardian Angels. In case of a fall, the gyrometer activates the hazard lights, and the application alerts these contacts by SMS after 2 minutes.




Fixing without tools


Fits all helmets and saddles


8 hours of continuous lighting

Our clients speak about it

"Very safe. Visibility at night and during the day. Easy to use. Prevention assured."

Myriam - Darty

"Functional, practical, easy to use, visibility +++. I recommend!"

David - Fnac

"I feel more respected by motorists"

Renaut T. Amazon

For a more active visibility

The rise of the bicycle continues in all cities, and increases the cohabitation with cars. Accidents are still numerous and sometimes serious. If the visibility of bikes and scooters is a key factor in the reduction of accidents, a better communication of our behaviors improves safety.

The road in general, and in the city in particular, is a place of unexpected events. Pedestrians outside of crosswalks, crossing streets of all sizes, intersections; there are many variations in our behavior. Cars have long been equipped with warning lights, especially automatic ones. A brake stroke is not always anticipated, which is why it is essential that stop lights come on immediately.

Cosmo Connected bike and scooter lights bring to these modes of travel the same visibility equipment as cars, allowing you to be seen even at night or in bad weather, and to communicate your intentions on the road, thanks to signals that motorists already know, to which they know how to react.

Like all our connected safety equipment, the Cormo Ride takes advantage of the app that makes rides even safer; sharing them in real time with up to three contacts of your choice, and automatically notifying them in case of an accident.

When you activate the app on your rides, it communicates with the Cosmo Ride's built-in gyrometer measuring angular velocity. In the event of an accident, the system turns on the hazard lights, and triggers the sending of the position to the Guardian Angels, three contacts added from the app.

The bracket that the Cosmo Ride attaches to can stick to any "flat" city helmet, or attach to ventilated helmets. Cosmo Ride is suitable for moderate speed soft mobility vehicles only, such as bicycles, scooters, monowheels, skateboards or rollerblades.

The built-in accelerometer measures speed changes, and intensifies the LEDs when you brake.

The Cosmo Ride is made for all weather. The ultrasonic soldering and the USB port with plug protect the electronics from rain, summer and winter, from 0° to 45°C.


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15 day return policy


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