To go to work or simply for leisure, more and more French people are swapping the car for a bicycle. Ecological awareness, economic relief or the pleasure of two wheels: the freedom offered by the bicycle is not without danger. To guarantee your safety on the road, Cosmo Connected has developed illuminated bicycle helmets.

Why wear a bicycle helmet?

In France, wearing a bicycle helmet is only mandatory for children under 12 years of age. Failure to comply with the law can result in a fine of up to 750 euros. For adults, there is no obligation. However, wearing a bicycle helmet can save your life - whether in the city or in the country. In case of a fall, if your head hits the ground or an obstacle violently, the accident can be fatal.

Cosmo Connected offers you illuminated and flashing bicycle helmets that allow you to signal your presence on the road to other road users. All our products respect precise and tested manufacturing processes. They are fully compliant with current European standards, in particular the CE EN 1078 standard for sports helmets. Choosing a Cosmo Connected bicycle helmet means opting for safety and comfort, even if you wear it for several hours.

How to choose the right bike helmet?

Each cyclist has specific needs. An inadequate bicycle helmet is not only a piece of equipment that lacks efficiency. It is a piece of equipment that exposes you to greater risks on the road. To protect yourself, it's important to wear the right bike helmet. Cosmo Connected offers several sizes and models for this purpose. Remember to measure your head size with a tape measure before you place your order. A helmet that is too large does not fit well on the head and threatens to move and obstruct the cyclist's vision. In addition to not protecting you, it puts you at even greater risk. A helmet that is too narrow is also ineffective in preventing serious injury in the event of an impact.

Cosmo Connected also focuses on design and aerodynamics for its bicycle helmets. This ensures that the entire head of the cyclist is well covered and protected, from the forehead to the neck. A good bicycle helmet not only protects the skull but also the spine. For a comfortable fit, pay attention to the lightness of the helmet and the presence of features such as a ventilation system. Cosmo Connected bike helmets have holes that allow the rider's skull to be ventilated during exercise. There is also an adjustment system to ensure a good fit on the road. As for the breathable foams inside the bike helmet, they make sure you don't get hurt. By separating your head from the solid liner, they provide additional comfort. The dual lining, inside and out, also enhances effectiveness.

Cosmo Connected reminds you that you should change your helmet at least every 5 years - more often if you use your bike every day! If you have a fall, even if the impact is not violent, remember to check the condition of the helmet. A slightly cracked or defective helmet is one that no longer protects you properly and should be replaced quickly.

Why buy a Cosmo Connected bike helmet?

With their streamlined shape and vents, Cosmo Connected bicycle helmets are designed to be both efficient and innovative. Because safety is all about visibility, our bike helmets feature light and flashing details. This allows you to be seen by everyone, especially motorists, especially at night and in bad weather.

Cosmo Connected lighted bike helmets are made from shock-absorbing and wear-resistant materials. For sunny days, the removable visor built into the helmet is a great option to maximize your own visibility. Mixing natural fabrics and water-based paint, our equipment is suitable for all uses. The hard shell technology is synonymous with resistance, while the Fidlock magnetic closure system® is an anti-pinch device.

We have specially designed the position of the light on the bike helmet to ensure a high level of visibility. Thus, the light in high position makes you visible to all users around you. The helmet has a bright and powerful rear light. Don't put your life in danger by staying in the dark on the road. Left and right turn signals allow you to signal your changes of direction while keeping your hands on the handlebars. Your flashing bike helmet has a battery life of 8 hours. But the Cosmo Connected lighted bike helmet is also a connected urban helmet.

Cosmo Connected bike helmet: connected safety

To get the most out of your flashing bike helmet, Cosmo Connected has developed a unique application from which you can control everything. As a mobility assistant, this application secures all your daily bike trips. You have the possibility to create three emergency contacts, notified of your movements thanks to a real time position sharing system. If the application detects a fall, it automatically alerts your "guardian angels" by SMS in just two minutes. The remote control is easily attached to the bike's handlebars without tools.

In addition, the Cosmo Connected app for your lighted bike helmet includes a complete history of all your rides. You can view it at any time and share the statistics. A complete and modern solution, our app is a dashboard that allows you to configure and control all your Cosmo products!